The SharePoint Framework package repository.

SPFXhub is a package repository for SharePoint Framework (SPFx) solutions. It allows developers to host their own SPFx solutions, giving them the ability to distribute and maintain installations easily, without the use of custom deployment scripts or PowerShell.

What we do

SPFXhub aims to close the gap between vendors and customers that use SharePoint Online with the modern experience.

Why we created SPFXhub

Being a vendor of SPFx solutions ourselves, Qualitem needed a way to distribute our solutions easily and without too much interaction from the customer. Noticing a hole in the market, we designed and developed a way not only for us to deploy our solutions, but also empower other SharePoint developers to take advantage of one-click deployment to a customer's tenancy.

Who we are

Qualitem is a small firm based out of Perth, Western Australia, and we strive to provide high quality, innovative solutions to problems that even we encounter every day. We work to make our solutions productive, intuitive and secure following best practice guidelines in all our software development from inception to delivery.

The SPFXhub team is led by industry professionals that take pride in their workmanship and always aim to achieve the best possible outcome for you.