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Transform your classic SharePoint pages (wiki, web part and publishing) into modern pages.

** Please note ** Modernizer is not FREE, however by installing this component, you will be granted a trial license. For more information about Modernizer, please refer to

Modernizer reads classic SharePoint pages and converts or modernizes these pages in to equivalent modern SharePoint pages. It makes light work of difficult and cumbersome migration by migrating content and web parts in to new modern page layouts.

Modernizer works directly within SharePoint library views to support either single or bulk page modernizing. If you are looking to bring your classic SharePoint pages in to modern SharePoint, Modernizer can seamlessly and efficiency convert your content.

Putting the power of content modernization in to the hands of everyday users leaves them feeling empowered to achieve great content publishing results. Modernizer is for all levels of expertise and supports many legacy web parts.

  • No need to learn about modern page structure
  • No need to understand how to convert classic to modern pages.
  • Custom metadata supported and migrated.
  • Bulk migration supported.
  • Pre and post migration reporting options.
  • Remediation requirements are highlighted for better management of custom web parts.
  • Modernizer will also report on the potential success of the migration effort.

Features include:

  • Webpart support
  • Embedded webpart in content areas
  • All SharePoint standard Publishing, Wiki and Web part page layouts – please note, we will attempt to convert any user-customised publishing, wiki or web part layouts, however, this will depend on the level of customisation applied to the layouts.
  • Metadata copying between classic and modern library where field names match
  • Banner and Page Title support
  • Single or multiple page batch modernize processing
  • Report-only option
  • Placeholder web parts inserted into converted modern page to highlight source web part location for easy remediation of legacy or custom web parts.
  • Validation to help guide you through the step-by-step – we validate the destination path to ensure modern page content types can be published to the destination library.
  • Proactive notifications – many settings within SharePoint Online may need to be pointed out to you.

Modernizer is a turnkey, end user tool and has no reliance on running difficult to understand Powershell scripts and there is no complex set up. The Modernizer solution takes care of the page modernization process for you, saving you time and complexity of converting page content to modern. You can now get on with adding value to you pages content instead of worrying about technically “how do I” migrate web part information. Whether your approach is to modernize a page at a time or to perform bulk page modernizations, Modernizer gives you the choice by simply selecting your files to modernize, selecting the destination site collection and library and pressing, “Go”.

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Installation notes

Installing the Modernizer app

If you have yet to install the Modernizer app, you have two options.

  1., search for the Modernizer for SharePoint package and download or install. Follow the prompts to complete the install.
  2. Download app package file. If you downloaded the app package previously, go to you SharePoint Online tenancy (the site URL will be something like /sites/apps), go to the SharePoint App catalog library and upload the app file.

Please note: You will need to have Site Collection Admin privileges to install the app.

Modernizer – Step by step


  1. Once installed in to SharePoint, Modernizer is added to your WIKI and Publishing pages library and is set to display for users with edit permissions.
  2. Go to the pages library containing the classic page content you wish to Modernize. The first time after the install, you will need to login and register with Qualitem. Select the Modernizer button from the library menu.

Please note: The Modernize button only displays if the library is set to Modern or New experience. To set the library to Modern, go to the cog menu Library settings | Advanced Settings | List experience | New experience. This will force the library to view in Modern experience and the Modernizer button should now be active. 3. Modernizer will attempt to log you in the first time, if redirected to login page, select, Sign in with Microsoft and continue. Modernizer will log you in the first time and thereafter you should not require a login. 4. Complete the user registration screen if you are the first user within your organisation to register. Please note: The first person to register with Modernizer will accept the terms and conditions for use of the Modernizer product. Every subsequent user of Modernizer is automatically registered thereafter. 5. Once the initial registration process completes, Modernizer will return you to the SharePoint library and you may continue to Modernize classic content. 6. Select one or many classic pages from your WIKI or Publishing library, select the Modernizer button. 7. The Modernizer panel will load; you now have many settings available.

User manual

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